Working with Other Cultures

Managing in the Multicultural Workplace

Being unaware of and unable to respect other cultural norms and cues can lead to failure in multinational communication settings. Behaviors and expectations can vary widely, creating roadblocks to successful interaction between cultures.

Learn to identify key areas of cultural differences, adapt to your surroundings, and bridge the gap for better understanding. Areas addressed include Body Language, Language Issues, Tonality and Voice Projection, Eye Contact, and Educational or Religious Factors affecting employee behavior and productivity. A short term, general course.

Language and Culture Intensive

Be thoroughly prepared and comfortable when you must travel outside your country. Essential preparation for expatriation or international business travel.

Working exclusively with natives of the target region or country, you will learn essential verbal, non-verbal survival and social skills for successful outcomes to international business, military, or political travel. Content includes essential language, terminology, customs, etiquette, cuisine, and religious and political overview.

This course can be customized for specific commercial or military purposes and is available for most modern languages, as well as American English. A focused, mini immersion course.