Improved American English (MAPS™)

MAPS™ = More American Pronunciation & Speaking

Learn to speak comfortably and clearly in American English and be understood more easily in all situations

Individualized attention for greater progress. Private lessons are available for those who value intensive individual focus.

Conversation & Pronunciation
You have taken many classes and can express yourself in your target language but you can’t improve if no one tells you what you are doing wrong. This class is taught by a native speaker and focuses on free-form conversations with individual correction to increase your comfort when speaking American English.

Business Behavior & American Expressions/Idioms
This course consists of two half day (4 hour) seminars
Attendees are taught the basic skills necessary for a successful presentation. They will make live presentations and receive a detailed instructor’s critique the first day and will return the next day to practice what they’ve learned. Each attendee will receive a communications plan with suggested exercises to practice for improvement.