Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Accent Reduction, and MAPS™?

Accent Reduction is an individualized program for one-to-one instruction. MAPS™ (More Americanized Pronunciation and Speaking) is designed to offer pronunciation instruction to groups. Both programs address grammar issues and intonation as well as pronunciation. If you are in a MAPS™ group, you will receive limited individual attention. An Accent Reduction sequence is completely customized to your particular issues.

Do you offer group classes in your location?

If a group of language learners wants to have a group class, we can offer it in our location or on-site in a company location. Groups must be formed by the client. We do not have an established schedule of group classes available for registration, except for ServSafe® food handling classes, which are prescheduled for open enrollment.

Will private Accent Reduction help me with grammar too?

Private lessons are designed to address the needs of the individual learner. Grammar, use of idioms, syllable stress, and intonation are all part of clear communication. Primary emphasis is on sound production with grammar issues treated as they arise.

How many lessons do I have to have to make a noticeable difference?

We highly recommend a minimum of five lessons to enable enough time (and practice between lessons) to show visible improvement. The instructor may recommend additional lessons for those with more severe pronunciation challenges. Duration of courses, based upon degree of remediation needed, is between 5 and 15 lessons.

How are private lessons scheduled?

Private lessons are scheduled between the instructor and the student to fit the schedule and availability of the student. There is no established schedule that must be followed. Many of our clients travel extensively and their lessons are scheduled accordingly. Lessons may also be held via webcam, if desired, for continuity.

How can someone learn Spanish in such a short time?

No one can learn the Spanish language in 20 hours. What we do in our short course is teach our students enough basic Spanish to communicate with people who speak Spanish. All vocabulary and content is customized to the needs of that particular group of students and is made simple and grammar-free. Additionally, emphasis is placed on the cultural factors influencing successful communication.

When are sessions for any of your programs held?

Our classes that are held on-site in company locations are scheduled entirely at the convenience of the client. We can hold classes in our clients’ location at any hour of the day or night. Our in-house ServSafe® food courses are pre-scheduled and posted for open enrollment.

Do the accent programs really make a difference at work and/or everyday life?

Our clients have told us that they are very pleased to no longer have to repeat everything they say because people can understand them better. They have also expressed that they feel more confident and believe they have more credibility because of the improvement in their speech. Most students experience a 50-60% improvement in their speech following an accent program.

Can we have a ServSafe® class at our location?

Yes, we can schedule a ServSafe® class at your location. Please contact us for specifics.

How long will I be certified after passing the test?

Your certification is valid for five years following your test date.

How many hours or days is the ServSafe® class?

We offer our ServSafe® class in one 8-hour day. As soon as we receive your enrollment, we send you the text via Priority Mail, well in advance of the class so that you will have time to read and study the materials for the best results.

What is the passing score?

You have to score 75% or better to pass the exam.

Should I read the ServSafe® book before I come to class?

Yes, yes, and YES!!! ServSafe® is a complex course. To have the best chance of passing the test, you should read and study the book before you come to class. Enroll well in advance of the scheduled class time in order to give yourself time to prepare.

When will I get my results?

We generally get results one week to ten days following your exam date.

How long does it take to receive my certificate?

We generally receive the certificates one week after we get the exam results. We will mail your certificate directly to you at the address you provide us at the time of the exam.

What if I fail the ServSafe® test?

If your first attempt is not successful, you have a choice of options: you can simply take a re-test, you can register for an intensive review session prior to taking a re-test, or you can audit a class prior to taking a re-test. If taking the exam in English is a challenge for you, you can have a translator present with you while you take the exam. Ask us about this.

We have a lot of people from different cultures in our company. What do you offer that can help them to work better together?

We offer many classes in effectively managing a multicultural workforce, as well as classes for foreign-born workers to help them assimilate to the American workplace.

Is Language Directions hiring instructors?

We are always seeking qualified instructors in areas of language and culture training as well as bilingual instructors of essential subject matter. Contact us to learn more.