Client Testimonials

“Language Directions provides only top-notch professionals who are fully capable of meeting our high academic standards and who are able to tailor their language lessons to meet our robust and challenging learning objectives. The student feedback is consistently top notch. In addition to the positive comments from the students, our staff is impressed by the professionalism of the instructors and their eagerness to be a part of the entire Academy team.”

– Commandant, USAF Air Advisor Academy


“The company has proven to be responsive in all circumstances and has consistently provided our client medical centers, retail chains, and food companies with qualified, competent, and well-received instructors. They have been able to provide quality instruction within the framework of the budget dollars available.”

– Rutgers University, Office of Continuing Professional Education


“Language Directions’…dedication to the Student and to the Client shows exceptional professionalism, as we work together to improve the opportunities for advancement through better communication skills. Each [course] is handled with skill and efficiency, as all of these programs, while critical; do take employees away from the shop & production floors. Language Directions understands these requirements and plans accordingly. They understand the need to be on-time and on-budget.”

– CEO, New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program