Widget Styles

On this page you can see widget styles available in this theme. [numblock num=”01″ style=”3″]For the widgets used on the top1-2 and bottom1-2 widget areas we recommened to use only default or color2 styles.[/numblock] [numblock num=”02″ style=”3″]The clear style is very useful to create banners or images without additional borders, margins and paddings. The clear style is also very useful inside the mainbody,mainbody_top and mainbody_bottom widget areas.[/numblock] [numblock num=”03″ style=”3″]If you want to remove the top border from widget in the Inset or Sidebar widget area – please use the noborder style.[/numblock] [numblock num=”04″ style=”3″]The GK News Show Pro widget has additional styles: nsphover – this style creates a GK NSP widget with nice hover animation, headlines – this style is very usefull to create a nice arrow over the title on hover effect.[/numblock]