July 2015

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Safety for All

Latino immigrant workers comprise almost one quarter of the construction industry workforce and suffer the highest rate of construction-related deaths. As recently as 2006, fatal work injuries involving Latino workers in the U.S. increased to reach 990, the highest ever recorded for Latino workers. The fatality rate for civilian foreign-born Hispanic workers in 2006 was 6%, or 50% higher than the rate of all workers.

Language Directions is proud to have a part in extending this essential safety training to workers and small business owners whose primary language is Spanish. Most recently, we delivered a mandatory 10-hour OSHA safety course taught completely in Spanish, sponsored by the Essex County Office of Small Business Development, at Essex County’s chosen location.

We are pleased to participate with government and private industry to make safety training in Spanish by authorized instructors available to all in any location in the NY/NJ/PA metro area. We believe that all training should take place in a language the trainee understands and that we are all safer if every one of us is safer.

Contact Language Directions for guidance and assistance with your Spanish language training needs, whether they be Management Skills, Sexual Harassment/Workplace Violence Prevention, Food Safety or Cultural Awareness.

Understanding = Effectiveness.