July 2016


The Significance of Interpersonal Communication

Summer is often a time when employment options are a top priority for recent graduates and those seeking to climb the career ladder with a change in position or employer. Employers might also be spending some time in these summer months evaluating their success in gaining new business, satisfying their customers’ needs, and creating stronger brand loyalty for the company. Consider this: Interpersonal communication skills can be of more value than intelligence in the business world.

Here are some reasons:

Customer service has always been a significant part of business success and now more than ever before, organizations are realizing that the satisfaction of their customers is tied directly to the success or failure of the company to communicate successfully with them. Where customers were once limited to what they could purchase within easy travel distance of their homes, the modern market offers nearly limitless potential choices. A bad customer service experience can catapult your client to access your competitor by phone or internet. For a business to set itself apart from its competitors, it must offer more than just convenience and low prices. Employees with the necessary communication skills to easily interact with customers in a friendly, positive, and effective manner can provide existing and potential customers with something they may not be able to get elsewhere, increasing loyalty and customer retention.

Today’s customer experience isn’t limited to the nuts and bolts of the transaction. It can include interacting with the company through its customer service/call center representatives. Customers with a positive experience are three times more likely to recommend your company to others. People tend to give their business to companies and people they like dealing with.

Companies: Be aware that the people on the end of the phone line represent your company to your customer base. They are your brand ambassadors. Does your customer service team have the skills to drive new business and retain existing business? Effective training costs far less than lost or ungained business.

Candidates: “Take the temperature” of your interpersonal communication skills. Polish your vocal presence. It can make a difference between getting a job offer or a polite rejection.

Language Directions is here to help improve your individual interpersonal skills or those of your Customer Service/Call Center team.