Pre-Deployment Language Training

military people getting off plane

Customized just-in-time pre-deployment classroom training in language, cultural awareness, and appropriate behavioral training for military and contractor personnel.

At the conclusion of a two week course, students learn to:

  • Comprehend the complexity, basic customs, values and diversity of the target region or country as they relate to military duties in building rapport with partner nation counterparts.
  • Comprehend the role that religion plays in the historical, cultural, and political development of the countries in the region.
  • Comprehend the natives’ perspective on their country, U.S. culture, military, and other regional influence.
  • Demonstrate familiarization with conversational language of the target country or region.
  • Comprehend and demonstrate the techniques used to select and interact with an interpreter.
  • Comprehend the role cultural and social influences play on military roles and structure.

All education and training is provided by native speakers of the target language and is student-centered with an emphasis on hands-on scenarios and practical exercises. We employ professional, technically qualified personnel who possess the necessary experience and knowledge to transmit required skills at any CONUS location (continental United States).

Language Directions staff has the capability to develop, update, and customize courseware materials, as appropriate.