Does Learning Essential Spanish Make Sense for Manufacturing?

Wish you had paid more attention in Spanish class in high school or college?  Because now you manage  workers who speak mostly in Spanish.  Your job is to keep them safe and productive and you’re not sure they understand important instructions and safety procedures.   And even if you were an A+ Spanish student, vocabulary for safety, human resource issues, and other direct communications with Spanish speaking workers are not included in standard Spanish courses….even for those who major in Spanish in college!  
Consider these situations.  Have you been there?
  • You’ve just given instructions in simple English.  You ask if everyone understands and  everyone nods.  But do they really understand?  
  • You need to set work and production schedules and run into the language barrier.
  • You need to establish specific rules and guidelines and you sense you are not being well understood.  When violations or accidents happen caused by poor understanding,  it is costly in lost time, increases in workers compensation, litigation, remediation, and factors that affect the bottom line.
  • You know you need to ask things during a medical emergency situation.  It takes too long to find a worker to interpret AND can cause violations to HIPAA regulations to use a third party.
  • You want to debrief a worker about something that happened on the floor.  Involving a co-worker to “translate” will not produce the true facts you need.
Good news.. There is help available!! It’s not too late to learn the essential Spanish you need for your workplace. In a  small learning group of managers/supervisors , you will learn :
  • to communicate directly, easily, and effectively with your Spanish speaking employees.    
  • to better understand cultural differences to maximize productivity and build better working relationships.  
  • to highlight issues that are common to all supervisory situations by participating with managers from other companies or departments.  
  • to reference customized  content  and vocabulary which includes the specific words or phrases essential to your needs.  Simple, enjoyable, and SHORT- as few as 4 sessions.  

Contact us today to get more information or to enroll. Learning Spanish for the workplace makes sense.