April 2015

Apr 2015

Changing Workplace Populations

Populations change; the kaleidoscope turns and a new visual presents itself. The workplace and the suburban communities of today are not the same as they were even a few short years ago. Drive into some towns and the store signs are in Polish, drive a few miles from there and they change to Korean or Spanish, Portuguese, or Arabic.

Effective communication and interaction with these new emerging cultures is a challenge for business owners, local officials, law enforcement, and healthcare. What one culture views as a sign of respect (ex. not making eye contact) is viewed by another culture as a sign of deception or shame. This is a cultural “disconnect.”

If you experience these challenges, consider investing in learning about the values and behaviors of the cultures that are new to you in your daily environment. The investment in cross-cultural training has a big-time up-side: improved morale, rapport, and productivity. When companies make efforts to ”break down the silos,” everyone gains. Want to explore? Let’s talk.