4 Quick Tips for Creating Effective Email Messages

Email is forever….and never really gets deleted.  It lurks on servers and can come back at a later time to haunt its creator.  Let’s focus for a moment on the general quality and etiquette of your emails.  Always remember that your email messages are a direct reflection of you; especially to those who may not know you personally and whose positive attention you are looking to gain.  Below are some basics for everyone to have in mind when composing email for business or academic purposes:
  1. Email is not Texting:  “R U” may be a great shortcut for ‘’Are You” but your email reader will not be impressed and might just think you don’t know how to spell.  Likewise, texting language and abbreviations are not universally understood or accepted.   You might not want to add them to a message going to your supervisor or client.  
  2. Add white space to your messages: How many times do you receive  a message that is a daunting block of text and you close it  with the intention of reading it later.  Do you always go back to it?  If you ‘’chunk’’ your messages to make them more visually appealing, they are more likely to be read upon opening.
  3. Think about your intended audience before you add an emoji.  How might it reflect upon your seriousness of purpose if the intended recipient is not a contact you know personally?  Can it diminish your image in that person’s mind?  Taking that moment to think things through before you hit ENTER can make all the difference.
  4. Pay attention to your Subject Line.  Make it clear and compelling.  A  subject line that is too general can land your message in Junk Mail or at the minimum, at a lower priority for opening.