3 Easy Tips for Being Understood the First Time!

  1. Final letters can say it all. The letter at the end of a word is important.  It’s there for a reason.  Pronounce it.  To be better understood by EVERYONE, let the listener hear the ends of your words, as well as the beginnings — carry that voice energy all the way through the word.  Is it “fifteen pounds” or “fifty pounds?”  Without pronouncing that final ‘’n’’ your listener won’t know.  Misunderstandings and errors happen. That little letter at the end provides the key to comprehension the first time.  Complete the word production and don’t leave people guessing what you mean!
  2. Speed kills understanding.  Clear communication will improve by as much as 50% when you slow down your speech.  Putting spaces between your words and speaking at a slower pace can allow those who may be translating in their heads or need more time to process complex thoughts or technical explanations the time to “decode” each word.  Record yourself in normal speech and listen objectively.  It may be time to apply the brakes to your speech.
  3. Keep it simple.  People whose first language is not English and people who do not share your knowledge level of a particular subject may not be able to easily understand multiple syllable or technical terms….and definitely not idioms. Keep it simple.  Choose uncomplicated words that are commonly used.  This is not a time to showcase jargon or an extensive multi-syllable vocabulary.